DJ Daniel Pereyra

Dj with intense international activity in Europe and America, is now considered one of the 5 reference DJs worldwide. Born in Montevideo but spent his entire professional career in Buenos Aires in some of the most important, 2 years in the famous milonga La Viruta de Luis Solanas, 3 years in the Milonga Círculo Trovador, 1 year in Salón Canning, 1 year in Milonga Gricel, 2 in Sueno Porteno. And occasionally at Obelisco Tango, El Beso, Lo de Celia, La Ideal and more. Visit to 150 cities in Europe, Brazil and Uruguay and more than 2500 musicalizations including more than 50 festivals, marathons and international championships. Appointed artist by the Government of Uruguay and grant holder by the Government of France to develop professional activity until 2025. DJ teacher of Cetba and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the City of Buenos Aires. Dj based on the selection of the best of the most important orchestras of the decades from the 30s to the 50s, but without neglecting the new with dancing quality. With no ups and downs in the night, from beginning to end, it keeps the milongueros captivated in an atmosphere of tremendous stimulus to dance, with continuous contrasts from one tanda to the next, perfectly balanced as to when each orchestra plays and with what intensity the rhythm cares about the harmony, whether it’s better instrumental or sung for the occasion. He knows exactly how to look at the dancers, but above all the environment that he proposes to them with a rarely seen work.