DJ Daniel Pereyra

Daniel is a DJ of intense international activity in Europe and South America and one of the five most famous tango DJs in the world.

For two years he was the regular DJ at the famous “La Viruta” in Buenos Aires before touring Europe, Brazil and Uruguay since 2015, DJing more than 2500 times in over 150 cities.

Daniel is an artist appointed by the Uruguayan government and is sponsored by the French state. He is also recognized as a Tango DJ instructor by the “Cetba” and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the City of Buenos Aires.

Daniel is a DJ whose selection of music is made up of the best and most important orchestras from the 1930s to the 1950s, as well as the latest high quality and danceable tunes. From start to finish, he creates an atmosphere in which the tango dancers are encouraged to dance throughout. From one tanda to the next, there are constantly perfectly balanced contrasts: he chooses exactly the right time for the use of each orchestra and the intensity of the rhythm, always taking care to maintain harmony and making decisions as to whether instrumental or sung tangos are appropriate.

Throughout the night, Daniel’s energetic and passionate work creates a fantastic atmosphere during both the tandas and the “cortinas”.

This extraordinary atmosphere he creates is a special experience that rarely happens.