Cintia y Lucas

Born in Argentina in the province of Santa Fe.

They met in 2003 through Argentine Folklore and in 2004 they took their “first steps” together in Tango.

Since that time, they have been learning and exploring together in dance their potential to continue to mature as artists. They bring their experience as dancers to give shape to their ideas and feelings in the embrace that unites them both in dance and in daily life.

Outside of Argentina, they have taught and performed at festivals, folk festivals and academies in Mexico, Guatemala, England, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Cyprus and Germany.

Currently they live in Frankfurt (Germany) and work as permanent dance teachers with Fabiana Jarma in her “Academia de Tango”. They travel to different cities and countries, bringing with them their dance, which is associated with Argentina all over the world and at the same time is an expression of the pride of being Argentine…